BiSH, BLUE ENCOUNT, Chisato Moritaka, and More Perform on Love music for August 18

This week’s guests were BLUE ENCOUNT, yonige, BiSH, Dizzy Sunfist, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and Chisato Moritaka.

BLUE ENCOUNT – Howling Diver / Genchou / VS

yonige – Revolver / Sayonara Identity

BiSH – GiANT KiLLERS / Tsui ni Shi / beautiful Sa

Dizzy Sunfist – Life Is A Suspense / STRONGER / The Dream Is Not Dead

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Paradise Has No Border / Canaria Naku Sora feat.BiSH / Ginga to Meiro feat.Chisato Moritaka

Next week:


Naoto Inti Raymi


Yamaguchi Ichiro (talk guest)