More Information and Teaser revealed for Special Anniversary anime Digimon Adventure tri.

After a long wait, more details have finally been made available to the public regarding the special 15th Anniversary Project for the Digimon franchise.  While it had previously been reported that Digimon Adventure tri. would be a full-fledged sequel series to the original Digimon Adventure, the venture will actually take the form of a 6-part theatrical release, with the first movie (titled “Saikai” / “Reunion”)  set to hit theaters on November 21st of this year.

In addition, as part of this announcement the staff also published the voice cast for the chosen children, revealing that they would be going with an entirely different set of voice actors than the previous entries in the Digimon Adventure series (though the cast for their Digimon partners remains the same).  Luckily though, it was confirmed that Wada Kouji (“Butter-Fly”), AiM (“I wish”), and Miyazaki Ayumi (“Brave Heart”) will all be returning to provide updated recordings of their classic songs from the original show.

You’ll find a fully subbed version of the teaser that was released along with all of this information, which includes the full list of new VAs for the human characters, right after the jump, so please do read on!

(via AnimeNewsNetwork)