Mirai Shida joins the cast of “Aozora Yell”: “It’s the last time to wear a school uniform”

Mirai Shida (22) joined the cast of the upcoming manga adaptation ‘Aozora Yell‘. “It might be the last time to wear a school uniform” the actress commented. “If I may say so myself, I think I still look good in it, but I would like to play roles appropriate for my age and take on new challenges”. Shida will play Yuka Mori, member of the brass band and a trumpeter. 

Playing a trumpet was in fact a new challenge for the actress. “I have only played a recorder. I have been training on the trumpet since February this year and had a hard time at first, but know I came to like music.”.

The movie will focus on the growing feeling between to highschoolers, Tsubasa (Tao Tsuchiya) and Daisuke (Ryoma Takeuchi). Tsubasa is a freshman, who joined the famous Shirato High School in Sapporo to be part of the successful brass band. Her dream is to play the trumpet during the baseball tournemant in Koushien. Daisuke is a baseball player in the school team and dreams of playing at Koshien fields as well. The two will cheer up on each other during tough trainings.

The extended cast include Shono Hayama, Arata Horii, Fujiko Kojima, Airi Matsui and Yuna Taira, younger sister of actress Airi Taira.

Aozora Yell‘ is based on the shojo manga written by Kazune Kawahara (author of ‘Koukou Debut’, ‘Ore Monogatari!’) and published in Margaret from 2008 to 2015. The movie is directed by Takahiro Miki. The release is planned for August 2015.

First Teaser (narrated by Tsubasa)

(via cinematoday.jp)