Kanjani8’s Shibutani Subaru sings for “Misono Universe”, Movie Trailer Out

Kanjani8′s lead singer, Shibutani Subaru, plays “Pochio”, a young man who has lost his memory but not his ability to sing. Music themed film “Misono Universe” deals with this man, who rushes the stage of a live performance and takes the mic. The young man’s singing impresses the band and the band’s manager, but they learn he suffers from memory loss and he has no idea who he is. He meets Kasumi, played by Nikaido Fumi, manager of the band Akainu, and decides to face his past and regain himself. The movie is set in Osaka.

The movie’s trailer has been released and we can hear previews of the songs used. The scene starts with Pochio, covered in scratches, singing Akiko Wada’s “Old Diary” before suddenly fainting and falling. In scenes with co-star Nikaido, such as him getting beaten and beating up a guy, 2 new songs can also be previewed, titled “Kokoro Odoriba” and “Memory (Kioku)”

Check out the movie trailer and Subaur’s new solo songs below.

The movie is directed by Yamashita Nobuhiro. Included in the cast are the band Akainu, talent Suzuki Sarina, and comedian Kawahara Katsumi from the duo Tenjiku Nezumi.

25,000 advance movie tickets will be available on November 22. Movie opens on Valentines Day, February 14, 2015.


During a band’s performance at a square in Osaka, a young man suddenly rushes the stage. The young man grabs the mic and begins to sing. The audience is stunned by the man’s actions at first, but they become overwhelmed by the young man’s voice.
After the song, the band and the band’s manager, Kasumi, ask about the young man’s story. The young man tells them that he doesn’t know, because of his memory loss. Kasumi is interested in the man’s singing talents. Kasumi then nicknames him “Pochi Man” and lets him work in the studio. The young man becomes the singer for the band, but a big problem occurs due to his memory loss.

Movie title “Misono Universe” refers to a location in Osaka, Japan. “Misono” is the name of a building that houses restaurants, a hotel and massage places. The building opened in 1956 and is located in the Sennichimae area of Osaka. “Universe” in the movie title refers to an upscale cabaret that was located in the Misono building. Cabaret “Universe” closed down for good in 2011, but a popular live club named “Universe” took its place.

(via Misono Universe siteJnews1)