Kanjani8 releases special MV for film “Stand-in Thief” featuring theme song “Outou Seyo”

Kanjani8 is proving the theme song to upcoming comedy film “Dorobo Yakusha” (Stand-in Thief) starring member Maruyama Ryuhei. In line with this, Showgate has released on Youtube the theme song “Outou Seyo” x movie “Dorobo Yakusha” special collaboration video featuring Kanjani8 and scenes from the movie.

“Outou Seyo” is released November 15, with lyrics by Porno Graffitti’s Shindo Haruichi¬†and music by Nakano Ryota.

Maruyama will play Onuki Hajime, a former thief, who now works as a welder and lives happily with his girlfriend. His former partner in crime forces him to break into the mansion of a picture book writer to steal. He is caught by others while in the act, but they keep mistaking him for someone else. Hajime desperately keeps up the ruse to not get caught. The movie will be released on November 18, 2017.

Check out the music video below.