Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of Oct 3- 4)

Bakuman, the live action film adaptation of the popular manga series starring Sato Takeru and Kamiki Ryunosuke takes the first place from Heroine ShikkakuAttack on Titan: End of The World rounds up the top 3 of the box office chart.

Check out the latest ranking below.

Japan Box Office Sep 27 -27
Rank Last Week Movie Weeks
1 New Bakuman 1
2 1 Heroine Shikkaku 3
3 2 Attack on Titan End of the World 3
4 3 Ant- Man 3
5 5 Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda 3
6 4 Unfair: The End 5
7 New Arpeggio of Blue Steel The Movie 2: Ars Nova Cadenza 1
8 10 Kingsman: The Secret Service 4
9 9 Jurassic World 9
10 7 Pixels 4

Bakuman took the top spot this week. Published in 325 screens, the movie pulled over 184,263 people during the weekend and earned 251,607,900 Yen.

Heroine Shikkaku dropped to second place, with 148,356 people in attendance and 178,309,700 Yen in gross earnings. In total, the movie topped 1.5 billion yen. ATTACK ON TITAN: End of the World is at third place. In total, movie earned a 1.2 billion Yen.

For new movies, Arpeggio of Blue Steel The Movie 2: Ars Nova Cadenza ranked 7th. The movie was shown in over 60 screens and mobilized 42,170 people with 67,525,150 Yen, showing high occupancy rate.

(via Eiga ranking)