Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of Aug 22 – 23)

The top 1 – 6 of the box office charts remained unchanged from last week. There are also no new movies that opened in the top 10 of the charts. On its 3rd week, Jurassic World already nears 6 billion Yen. The Boy and the Beast remained strong at no. 4 on its 7th week. The movie already reached 5 billion Yen.

Check out the latest ranking below.

Japan Box Office Aug 22 – 23
Rank Last Week Movie Weeks
1 1 Jurassic World 3
2 2 Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation 3
3 3 Minions 4
4 4 The Boy and the Beast 7
5 5 Boruto: Naruto the Movie 3
6 6 ATTACK ON TITAN – Part 1 4
7 9 Inside Out 6
8 7 HERO 6
9 8 Inside Out 3
10 10 Pokemon XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages 6

Jurassic World maintained the top spot for 3 consecutive weeks, with a difference of 200 million yen from the 2nd position. The movie attracted 378,941 people and earned 597,498,800 Yen. In 19 days, the movie reached 4 million attendance and nears the 6 billion yen mark. A final gross of 8 billion can be achieved, earning the crown for not only the summer box office but also of the box office ranking of the year.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation remained at the second position. It pulled over 264,938 people and earned 361,374,700 Yen. Total movie attendance is at 2.6 million people, and total gross is at 3.4 billion yen .

Minions kept the third place and earned 200 million Yen. Inside Out jumped to 7th place from last week’s 9th.

The Boy and the Beast is at number 4. In 44 days, the movie reached total audience of 3.99 million people and total gross of 5 billion Yen. Boruto: Naruto the Movie nears 2 billion Yen and reached 1.5 million movie attendance.

(via Eiga ranking)