Full Trailer for “Miracle Devil Claus’ Love and Magic” starring Aiba Masaki Released

The full trailer for Director Inudo Isshin’s “Miracle: Debikuro-kun no Koi to Maho” (Miracle Devil Claus’ Love and Magic) starring Aiba Masaki,  Eikura Nana, Ikuta Toma, and Han Hyo Joo is out. The film depicts the love of these four characters creating a miracle on Christmas night. The movie is based on a 2013 novel by Kou Nakamura (100 Kai Naku Koto) which was inspired by singer-songwriter Yamashita Tatsuro’s classic Japanese Christmas song, “Christmas Eve”. Yamashita also serves as music supervisor for the film.

This is Aiba’s first solo starring film role. He plays Hikaru, a mildly incompetent bookstore employee who’s just a bit too nice for his own good. Hikaru is an aspiring manga artist, and distributes mysterious “Debikuro Communication” flyers at night. Eikura plays a childhood friend of Hikaru, named Anna who always watches over him, Han plays a world-famous lighting designer named So-yeon who gets to know Hikaru through a random coincidence, and Ikuta plays a former university classmate of Hikaru’s named Kitayama who’s gone on to become a hugely popular manga artist.

Film opens November 22. Check out the trailer below.