Kindan no Tasuketsu releases pv for “Chayu to Hanpa wa Yamete”

At the end of last month, Kindan no Tasuketsu released their new mini album “Entertainment.” They have now released the music video for its opening track, “Chayu to Hanpa wa Yamete.” The song features Izumi Makura. She takes on the verses while the ladies of Kindan no Tasuketsu handle the chorus. The music video for the song features hazy video footage of the Kindan no Tasuketsu ladies singing mixed with animation in the style that Izumi Makura often uses. The outcome is a very dreamy video that matches the mood of the song well. Check it out as well as more info on “Entertainment” after the jump!



1. ちゅうとはんぱはやめて feat.泉まくら (Chayu to Hanpa wa Yamete feat. Izumi Makura)

2. メロウフィーリング (Mellow Feeling)

3. 秘密の世界 (Himitsu no Sekai)

4. ちゅうとはんぱはやめて (Chayu to Hanpa wa Yamete) (Tomggg remix)

5. ちゅうとはんぱはやめて (食品まつりremix) (Chayu to Hanpa wa Yamete (Shokuhin Matsuri remix))

6. 秘密の世界 (Himitsu no Sekai) (Fragment remix)