Convenience store sells Doraemon-themed products for new movie

Convenience store chain Circle k sunkus across Japan will commemorate the new Doraemon movie by changing up their food packaging and products to mimic the famous character starting August 5th.

Products include a specific coffee cup, a red bean paste and margarine pancake, and a custard-filled pastry in the shape of Doraemon. Customers whose receipts meet certain conditions will be entered in a sweepstakes to receive limited edition promotional items.

Stand by Me Doraemon‘, the first 3D CG film starring the anime robot cat Doraemon, will hit theaters nationwide starting August 8th. The film will recreate famous chapters of the original manga and feature the theme song ‘Himawari no Yakusoku’ by Motohiro Hata.

This promotion will last until September 1st.