Hitomi Arai of Tokyo Girls’ Style sings on new tofubeats track

DJ and producer tofubeats is back with a new song helmed by a female vocalist after the release of his previous album ‘Disco no Kamisama’ back in April.

Come on Honey!‘ a disco pop song with a video inspired by karaoke from the 90s that features Hitomi Arai of idol group Tokyo Girls’ Style.

Last year tofubeats supplied a 1988 dub remix of Tokyo Girls’ Style’s song ‘Rock you!’ for the group’s collaboration album. Along with being a collaborator of hip-hop idol group lyrical school, in the past he has also provided music for Nozomi Sasaki, YUKI, 9nine and Momoiro Clover Z.

‘Come on Honey!’ goes on sale August 6th on iTunes Japan.

tofubeats’ upcoming album ‘First album’ is slated for October 2nd release.