Check out the Trailer for movie ‘Clover’ starring Emi Takei and Tadayoshi Ohkura

Trailer is up for the movie ‘Clover’ starring Emi Takei and Kanjani8’s Tadayoshi Ohkura. The movie opens November 1. It is based from Toriko Chiya’s manga which tells the story of Saya Suzuki, an office lady who can’t forget her first love and works each day getting reprimanded by her accomplished Do-S supervisor, Susumu Tsuge.

As can be previewed from the trailer, Kanjani8 will provide the theme song ‘CloveR’, an up-tempo band song with lyrics describing the relationship between Saya and Susumu. JUJU will also provide ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ and cover ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ as insert songs for the movie.

Other cast for the movie are Kento Nagayama, Natsuna, and Yusuke Kamiji.


The trailer can be viewed in HD at the movie’s official website

or you can view as presented below (w/ a bit longer preview of the song CloveR)


(via Eiga News)