“ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×20 FILM ‘Record of Memories’” to Be Released in US Theaters

“ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×20 FILM ‘Record of Memories’” is coming to the US! On March 22, for one night only, select AMC theaters across the country will screen the film.

The film showcases Arashi‘s 20th anniversary tour “5×20,” which was their last concert in front of a live audience prior to their current hiatus. It was directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi who also made the group’s debut film “PIKA☆NCHI” in 2002. Using over 100 cameras, Tsutsumi brings to the screen one concert of the tour set up specifically for this purpose. The tour itself, attended by 2.37 million people, broke records for concert admission in Japan.

“ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×20 FILM ‘Record of Memories’” was released on November 26, 2021 and grossed $39,262,563 in theaters, making it Japan’s highest grossing live-action film of 2021. Following the film’s domestic success, American fans of the group will also be able to enjoy it through this special screening presentation at select theatres across the country.