Tomohisa Yamashita to Star in His 1st NHK Drama

In April, NHK will premiere its new comedy drama, “Shojiki Fudosan.” Tomohisa Yamashita will be the the main character of the drama, playing Nagase Saichi, a real estate agent who, due to a curse on the property he is trying to sell, can no longer lie, and has to sell real estate while being completely honest. This will be Tomohisa’s first time starring in a drama on NHK.

The drama is based on the manga of the same name, which was drawn by Ohtani Akira, drafted by Natsuhara Takeshi, and written by Mizuno Mitsuhiro.

Fukuhara Haruka also stars in “Shojiki Fudosan” as Tsukishita Sakura, a junior employee of Saichi.

Of the drama, Tomohisa said that honesty hits the world of his character, making him feel hopeful, while also making him realize that something is missing.