NHK Taiga Hand-over ceremony from Okada Junichi’s “Gunshi Kanbee” to Inoue Mao’s “Hana Moyu”

The NHK taiga handover ceremony was held last November 21 at the Tokyo Shibuya NHK Broadcasting Center. The handover ceremony was attended by Okada Junichi, lead actor of “Gunshi Kanbee” and Inoue Mao, lead actress of the upcoming taiga “Hana Moyu”.

Okada offered Inoue words of encouragement while Inoue says she will do her best to make her drama a success. In addition, the two exchanged gifts that originates from where their character hails from. Okada gave her a kimono belt from Hakata, Fukuoka, while Inoue presented him a raw blowfish from the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

“Gunshi Kanbee”¬†will air its final episode¬†on December 21, postponed from the original date of December 14 due to the elections. “Hana Moyu’s” pilot episode will premiere on January 4, 2015.

(via Sanspo)