Yumemiru Adolescence released their Stealth Meeting MV

Stealth Bukai 25:00 is the lead track of their debut album Dai Ichi Shishunki. This song was composed by agehaspring who also wrote songs for YUKI, Mika Nakashima, Funky Kato, etc.

Check out the song and be prepared for the album to drop at December 29th in two versions, normal and DVD edition.

Yuumi Shida, also known as Mai in Kamen Rider Gaim took a lot of center position in this MV which make this MV one of my favorite from Yumemiru Adolescence.


Dai-Ichi Shishunki

Dai-Ichi Shishunki

Dai-Ichi Shishunki

Track List

  2. Stealth Bukai 25:00
  3. Mawaru Sekai
  4. Nakimushi Sniper
  5. Junjou Marionette
  6. Syoumei Teenager
  7. Zettaiteki Sympathy
  8. Candy-chan
  9. Himawari Heart
  10. 17:30 no Anime
  11. Heroine
  12. Doko ni Demo Iru, Itatte Futsu
  13. Namida ga Deru Kurai Tsutaetai Omoi
  14. JUMP!
  15. Himitsu