Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda to Star in New “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” Series

This coming April, Naniwa Danshi‘s Shunsuke Michieda will star in a new version of “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” on NTV. He will star as the fifth generation Kindaichi Hajime on the Sunday night drama series.

This role sees him following in the footsteps of many noted idols from Johnny & Associates. KinKi KidsTsuyoshi Domoto played the first generation Hajime from 1995 – 1997, followed by Arashi‘s Jun Matsumoto (2001), KAT-TUN‘s Kazuya Kamenashi (2005), and Hey! Say! JUMP‘s Ryosuke Yamada (2013 – 2014).

Getting this role as Hajime is a longtime dream of Shunsuke’s. He was 12 when he first saw Ryosuke in the role and was so taken by it that he applied to become part of Johnny & Associates. Even after he joined the company, he still held on to this dream. After seven years, his dream has come true and he is overjoyed.