‘HERO 2’ Premieres with 26.5% Ratings

Looks like Kimutaku can heave a sigh of relief..for now.

FUJI TV’s ‘HERO 2’ first episode aired last night, July 14, and has reportedly recorded an audience rating of 26.5% in the Kanto region. The first season was aired last 2001, and after 13 years, Kimura is back as prosecutor Kuryu Kohei. HERO 2’s rating is currently the highest TV rating achieved this year.

The first episode ratings is also higher than Yonekura Ryoko’s Doctor X premiere episode ratings of 22.8%, recorded last October 2013. This is also the first time for a premiere episode to achieve more than 25% since Nakama Yukie’s Gokusen 3 (26.4%) aired last April 2008.

The first season of HERO recorded an average rating of 34.3%, with its highest audience rating at 36.8%. This was followed by an SP in 2006 and a movie in 2007.

The decision for a sequel were met with mixed reactions. Many fans got excited but also a lot of fans of the original series expressed disappointment at the change in many of the original cast lineup. Nonetheless, expectations were high and luckily, the first episode has smoothly sailed. Will HERO 2 be able to keep its momentum? That has to be seen in the next episodes.

For now, you can enjoy this HERO 2 OP below.

Source: Yahoo! Japan