First Class 2 Unveils Images for its 11 Female Cast

Erika Sawajiri’s starring drama sequel “First Class 2” will be airing four months after the first season ended. In this drama, Mari Natsuki, Yoshino Kimura, Kana Kurashina and other cast entered the “war” as new villainess in order to liven up the sequel. The images of their characters have been revealed.

The theme of the visuals was “flowers and thorns”. The images were produced by photographer Leslie Kee, flower arrangement artists from JARDINS des FLEURS and art director Kira Shintaro. In the photoshoot, the actresses make their pose holding various flowers.

Check out how they make their “villain” face with their flowers below.

The story picks up half a year since Chinami Yoshinari (Erika Sawajiri) rose to the position of editor in chief of her dream fashion magazine First Class and saved it from closing down despite harassment in the editorial department. In the sequel, she has now become an up-and-coming designer in the fashion brand industry.

The extraordinary upgrade of the mature wicked women make an appearance “The godmother of the industry” fashion brand founder Ryuuko Yano played by Mari Natsuki, “Persistent female tiger” Big name apparel president Ranko Takigawa played by Kimiko Yo, “200% degree of destruction woman” Creative director Rika Hiroki played by Yoshino Kimura will stand in the way of Sawajiri who plays the part of Chinami Yoshinari, the never ending fighter. Also, Sakura Suga played by Kana Kurashina, Remie Kawashima’s older sister Namie played by Shishido Kavka, Fubuki Shindou played by Tomoe Shinohara, Kaoru Yabuki played by Miwako Ichikawa, and Nagiko Tabumine played by Rie Tomosaka, such talented wicked women will participate in this battle as a designer corp. On top of this, Chifuyu Aramaki played by Hijiri Kojima and Hana Mukaiyama played by Chinami Suzuki complete this extravagant cast.

“First Class 2” will broadcast from 10pm at Fuji TV Wednesdays starting October 15.



Video of the photoshoot can be viewed below (but might be blocked in your country)


(via Cinemacafe)