[Exclusive] Interview with the stars of Tokyo Tarareba Girls: Yuriko Yoshitaka, Yuko Oshima, and Nana Eikura

Adapted from popular manga series of the same name, Tokyo Tarareba Girls is being described as Japan’s answer to the iconic series Sex and the City. Dazzling, sassy and funny, this highly-promising drama is headlined by some of the most stunning and successful actresses of this generation: Yuriko Yoshitaka, Yuko Oshima and Nana Eikura. Tokyo Taraeba Girls is one of the most anticipated dramas of the reason, airing on both NTV & GEM TV.

The drama follows struggling scriptwriter Rinko Kamata (Yuriko Yoshitaka) who is in her thirties but still single, although she still constantly holds out hope for finding “the one” meant for her. Along with her girlfriends Kaori (Nana Eikura) and Koyuki (Yuko Oshima), the trio of single ladies spend their nights drinking and commiserating with each other through imagining endless what-ifs and fantasies of themselves finally meeting Mr. Right. Determined to find a partner, Rinko pledges that she will get married before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Will she be able to achieve her goal?

Check out what the actresses have to say about their characters, and highlights of working on the set under the jump!

GEM - Yuriko Yoshitaka
What do you want to convey through your roles in this drama?

Yuriko Yoshitaka: As this drama is adapted from a popular manga series, I actually went to read it first. I find the material very comical and deep at the same time. For this TV drama version, I hope to bring a more light-hearted touch to it.

Yuko Oshima: The manga is a voice for the soul of women in their 30s – very relatable to many people. I want to use this character and role as a voice for women around that age and to encourage them that no matter how tough the situations in life may be, it is our choice to live happily.

Nana Eikura: I want to portray them as women who are busy and living a purposeful life, and are adorable and funny at times. I want to capture the essence of how hard they work at living each day.

What colours would you associate your characters with?

Nana Eikura: I feel like Kaori would be baby pink

Yuriko Yoshitaka: How about Koyuki?

Yuko Oshima: The color of a root vegetable, an earthy tone.

Yuriko Yoshitaka: And Rinko?

Yuko Oshima: There are lots of colors going on. (Laughs)

Yuriko Yoshitaka: She gets quite passionate and all.

Yuko Oshima: But she can also be quite cool.

Nana Eikura: Pink seems to work as a baseline for everyone.

Yoshitaka, why did you decide to take on this drama?

Yuriko Yoshitaka: Finally I am playing a character in her 30s! Other than my roles in various morning dramas, I have never had the opportunity to play a ‘struggling souls’ like character or a married woman. I think this drama is an excellent opportunity for me to showcase a different and a more diverse side of me; I can imagine getting offered many different roles after this drama.

What is your character like?

Yuriko Yoshitaka: She is a very great representation of what life is like when approaching 30s – that feeling of not knowing what is next, what changes to make and when choices in life becomes lesser.

Was it difficult to play this role?

Yuriko Yoshitaka: I hope I can bring as much ‘desperate passion’ to my acting as she is desperately passionate! (Laughs)

Eikura, how do you feel about your character?

Nana Eikura: Kaori (her character) is always envious of other people. She is always comparing herself to others and trying to find faults with herself, and it wouldn’t hurt if she could be more positive. But at the same time, she lets people spoil her; she likes cute things, and is always chasing after that cute ‘something’. She has an adorable personality that I’m envious of. She has this youngest-child-of-the-family mentality. She speaks her mind freely and often says some surprisingly irresponsible things. I hope to have fun and capture that carefree state-of-mind she has when I play her.

GEM - Yuko Oshima
Oshima, what do you think about Koyuki?

Yuko Oshima: She is very cool – her mind is sound and she deals with situations very objectively. Although interesting enough when it comes to herself, that objectivity is gone and she just plunges into situations out of confusion. She always appears to be more mature and have it together more than anyone, but she’s still very much an adolescent, girly girl at heart.

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