Cast for EXILE TRIBE’s “HiGH & LOW ~ THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D ~ drama announced

As earlier reported, EXILE TRIBE will be launching “HiGH & LOW”, a comprehensive entertainment project that encompasses various forms of content media. In summary, this includes a movie release at its core, a drama adaptation, manga adaptation, an original album, and a live show tour from EXILE TRIBE. The drama’s official website has been updated with details.

Aside from the members of EXILE TRIBE, other cast for its drama has been announced. Kyoko Koizumi, YOU, Masataka Kubota, Kento Hayashi, Taichi Saotome, Kaname Endo, Yuya Endo, Yuki Yamada, Ryohei Abe, Tasuku Nagase and others, will join in.

The 4 members of Golden Bomber will also make their first regular appearance in a drama this time. Tatsuya Nakamura, who has been active as the drummer of BLANKEY JET CITY and has given performances in many films and TV dramas as an actor, will also appear in this drama. Ayumu Kato from Zabunguru and Kana Oya will act in this drama, too.

High & Low ~ The Story of S.W.O.R.D will air on NTV, 1:29 am, from October 22.  Check out the cast details and released visuals.

HL posterStory
The legend begins at a certain town that used to be under the rule of a legendary organization called “Mugen”. And within the ranks of that domineering organization were two legendary brothers – the Amamiya Brothers, who were proved to be both brutal and unbeaten during that time.

Yet somehow the Mugen was suddenly dispersed during a fierce battle… And in the aftermath of the chaos are five organizations that aim to take control of that area. As a result, this area came to be known as SWORD, an acronym attribute to the names of the five organizations. And in that area dwells a gang that goes by the name “G-SWORD”. These 5 organizations include: “Sanno Association” and its second-generation Sanno Shouten brawlers, the alluring white demons known as the “White Rascals”, the dark and brutal “Onija High School”, the ghosts on the ruthless street aka the “RUDE BOYS” and the family of vengeful destroyers of “Daruma Hooligans”.

These 5 gangs will put their pride on the line as they engage in a fierce battle for dominance! However, the plot thickens… a mysterious group called “MIGHTY WARRIORS” appears. And the question that everyone is asking now is, are they enemies or allies? What fate awaits this town…

CAST and Characters

drama2 drama3

Amamiya Brothers
Hiroomi Tosaka (Sandaime J Soul Brothers)

drama4 drama5


Sanno Association
Takanori Iwata (Sandaime J Soul Brothers/ EXILE)
Nobuyuki Suzuki (GEKIDAN EXILE)
Keita Machida (GEKIDAN EXILE)
Kenjiro Yamashita (Sandaime J Soul Brothers)
Taiki Sato (EXILE)

White Rascals
Keiji Kuroki (EXILE)
Yuya Endo
Golden Bomber

Onija High School
Yuki Yamada
Takayuki Suzuki
Wataru Ichinose

Masataka Kubota
Tasuku Nagase
Endo Kaname

Daruma Hooligans
Ryohei Abe
Kaname Endo
Kento Hayashi

Taichi Saotome
ELLY (Sandaime J Soul Brothers)
Alan Shirahama (EXILE/ Generations)
Kana Oya
Shuhei Nogae (GEKIDAN EXILE)

Tatsuya Nakamura
Kenchi Tachibana (EXILE)
Hayato Onozuka (GEKIDAN EXILE)

Hironari Amano, Masayasu Yagi (GEKIDAN EXILE), Xabungle KATO, Hiroyuki Takaya, Yushin Okami, Kaede, Karen Fujii, Shuka Fujii, Nozomi Bando, Harumi Sato, YOU, Kyoko Koizumi

(via EXfamily, MDPR, LDH)