Trailer for live-action ‘Kids on the Slope’ starring Yuri Chinen, Dean Fujioka, & Erina Mano

A trailer for the highly anticipated live-action film Kids on the Slope has been released.

Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuri Chinen stars as the main protagonist Kaoru Nishimi. The rest of the main cast include Dean Fujioka (Junichi Katsuragi), Erina Mano (Yurika Fukahori), Taishi Nakagawa (Sentaro Kawabuchi), and Nana Komatsu (Ritsuko Mukae).

The live-action film is based off of the acclaimed manga series of the same name by Yuki Kodama. It’s original run started in September 2007 and concluded in July 2012. Shortly before the manga ended, an anime version of the series began airing in April 2012.

Kids on the Slope takes place in the mid 60s. Kaoru Nishimi moves from the large city of Yokosuka due to his fathers work, all the way to the city of Sasebo in order to live with relatives. Kaoru is an honor roll student and tends to keep to himself, until he’s introduced to the rowdy Sentaro Kawabuchi. Soon, he’s introduced to the world of Jazz and playing it becomes his passion.

The film was directed by Takahiro Miki and will hit Japanese theaters on March 10th, 2018. Watch the trailer below!