Tokyo Girls Collection shows the Power of Fashion for ’14 A/W

It’s that time of the year again where the autumn/winter fashion collections take center stage. This is where brands showcase their fashion lines for the upcoming cold seasons. Known as one of the fashion centers of the world, Tokyo is not exception. On September 6, Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) will host it’s semiannual fashion event. What makes TGC special is that it showcases streetwear of domestic brands. It is not only available to the press but the general public, which tickets going on sale months ahead of the event date. Attendees of the event are allowed to even live-buy clothing as they appear on the runway via their cellphone.

The event is known for having guests and models that are popular among young women and teenage girls. Below is the list of guests, models, brands and performers for this season’s event.


The guests for the event are Ashida Mana, AAA‘s Atae Shinjiro, Nishijima Takahiro, Ito Chiaki and Uno Misako; SUPER☆GiRLSArai Reira, Shimura Rika, Tanaka Mirei and Watanabe Hikaru; Watanabe Naomi, Yukawa Masato, Marutaka Manami, Mackenyu, Peace, Asian‘s Babazono Azusa, Fall in Love‘s Barbie, Nishikawa Mizuki, Dream5, Sumire, Zawachin, Suzuki Fuku, Kang Jiyoung, Sakai Ai, Ishiguro Hideo and Alodia.


The brands featured on the main stage of TGC are AG by aquagirl, AULA AILA, CECIL McBEE, DE TER NL, DISEL, GARMENTSEVEN, J.FERRY, KATE SPADE SATURDAY, KIKKA THE DIARY OF, LADIVA by EDWIN, LIMITED EDITION VIVAYOU, PUNYUS, sophila, The SHEL’TTER TOKYO and UGG. However  ancheri vif, dazzlin and ROYAL PARTY are featured for the special Highlight Stage at the event.


The models include veterans and relatively new faces alike, from Tsuchiya Anna to Marie. While many the guests models include big names like Tsubasa Masuwaka, Mizuki Nana and Komori Jun.

Guest Model

Main Artists and Opening Act

The main performers for this year’s TGC is Kimura Kaela who will be celebrating her 10th year as an artist. As well as LDH’s THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE and DOBERMAN INFINITY. The K-pop group, SHINee; and the electronic girl group, color-code. And finally solo singer MACO and a special collaboration of Murayama Eiko with M. The opening act features the group OZ, acapella male group Solidemo, and idol group Cheeky Parade.

The event is sure to be an exciting one this season around. Arama! Japan will be sure to supply everyone with photos of the event and more info as well!