Tokai TV to re-make ‘Orphan Black’, casts Kang Ji-Young as lead star

Tokai TV, a channel affiliated with Fuji network, is making a re-make of Canadian hit show ‘Orphan Black’. Heriting the lead role from Tatiana Maslany, former KARA member Kang Ji-Young will play seven identical women who turn out to be clones.

The re-make, titled ‘Orphan Black: Nanatsu no Idenshi’ (‘Orphan Black: Seven Genes’), follows Sara Aoyama, a poor single mom. One day she sees a woman jump under a train – a woman that looks exactly like her. From there, she begins to learn the truth about her past. The drama will consists of five episodes. It begins airing on December 2nd.

Yumi Aoyagi, the writer behind ‘Shinryochu In The Room’, has scripted the re-make. Score is provided by fox capture plan, a three-member instrumental band.

(Via Official site, Modelpress)