This July, Seiko Oomori invites you to her KUSOKAWA PARTY

Last night, Seiko Oomori revealed the details of her upcoming album release “Kusokawa PARTY”, set to drop on July 11. Seiko has themed the album around a “resilient joker type character”,  and it marks her 4th major original studio album on AVEX, following last year’s kitixxxgaia.The album is set to have 4 different versions, CD only, 2CD+DVD, CD+Blu Ray and Fanclub CD+SERIAL NUMBER

Each version has the original album (which features at least 10 new tracks), and the special versions of the album contain two exclusive bonus tracks unique to that particular edition.

A rundown of the versions.

CD Only (AVCD-93910)- Features the album only, however will be on special price (2000 yen + tax only) for ONE MONTH before going up to full price.

2CD+DVD (AVCD-93907~8/B, 3,800 yen+ tax)- Other than the album, features a second disc that features the “MUTEKI Tour Final Performance at Nakano Sun Plaza 2018.1.20”. The DVD contains a Seiko Oomori x Ging Nang BOYZ man performance “uP!!!SPECIAL dabadabada vol.1” from 2018.2.27 and two music videos. Exclusive tracks are “VOID” and “Kurohime”

CD+BLU RAY (AVCD-93909/B, 5,800 yen + tax) – Album, Blu Ray features “MUTEKI Tour Final Performance at Nakano Sun Plaza 2018.1.20”, 2 music videos. Bonus tracks are “Hanamaru” and “5000 Nengo”

CD+SERIAL NUMBER (Fanclub) (AVC1-93912 CD, 7,777 yen + tax)- Other than the CD, the fanclub edition comes with a serial number that gives the user access to all 14 performances (sans the finale) of the MUTEKI tour, and has luxury packaging signed by Seiko Oomori. Bonus tracks are “SEIKO U and “Nani ga Warui”

While there has been no tracklist, album covers or MV reveal yet, Arama will be certain to update readers when this information comes to fruition. For now, enjoy this video of “Tokyo to Kyou” which she wrote as part of a promotion with Tokyo Metropolitan Official Channel, featuring scenery from her hometown.