The Ring’s Sadako and Ju-on’s Kayako face – off in “Sadako vs Kayako” Movie

The iconic characters of the biggest movies from the J-horror craze are brought together in a new film “Sadako Vs Kayako”. Kadokawa and NBCUniversal Japan are partnering to create the movie. The film stars Yamamoto Mizuki, who will be caught in between the two spirits. Shiraishi Koji will be directing.

The first teaser for the movie is out, and features a scene of the iconic Kayako hand coming out of infamous well that belongs to Sadako. The movie will hit theaters on June 2016 with a planned 4D release.

“Sadako vs Kayako” actually started as an April Fools joke when the website of Ju-on: The Final promoted a then non-existent “Sadako vs. Kayako” crossover film. With the movie now becoming a reality, you can catch the first spooky preview below.

(via ANN)