Tetsuya Komuro Forms New Unit with tofubeats and Sayaka Kanda

Last month, tofubeats collaborated with legendary producer Tetsuya Komuro on the song “Throw Your Laptop On The Fire”, off of tofubeats’ album “POSITIVE.” Tetsuya has now enlisted tofubeats to form a new unit with him, along with TRUSTRICK’s Sayaka Kanda. This new united is named “TK feat. TK.” The name comes from the initials of the 3 members (the long form would be “Tetsuya Komuro feat. tofubeats Kanda”).

The result of this collaboration is the song “#RUN.” It serves as the theme song for Umabi, a site devoted to horse racing. The “TK” in the unit’s name can also be extended to the Japanese name of Tokyo Racecourse, Tokyo Keibajo. Tetsuya was in charge of the lyrics and composition for “#RUN”, while tofubeats arranged the song. Sayaka did the vocals. With this song, TK feat. TK hopes to capture the excitement of a horse race.

The music video for “#RUN” was recently released. In the video, clips of Tetsuya and tofubeats performing the song dressed in suits are mixed with clips of various people and animals running. The duo turn into animated characters later in the video. Check it out after the jump, along with a special interview!