Takako Uehara will not be starring in AV, deletes alarming tweet

2017 was a very wild year for former SPEED member Takako Uehara. She had previously been married to TENN, a member of the group ET-KING. Tragically he committed suicide in 2014 after just two years of marriage.

After three years passed suddenly TENN’s younger brother leaking a transcript to the public alleging that Uehara had cheated on TENN with actor Tsuyoshi Abe, and that was the primary reason why TENN decided to take his own life. The allegations were met with some hesitance at first, with many asking why it took him so long to reveal this in the first place, the story soon unraveled itself and the affair turned out to be true. 

Since the news broke Uehara has largely tried to stay out of the medias eye. Both her official ameba blog and twitter account hasn’t been updated in 5 months. She briefly broke her social media silence on January 15th, just one day after her birthday. In the tweet she stated that she wanted to die, and then wondered that if she did if it would be “alright”. The tweet was only up for roughly a minute before it was swiftly deleted.

Takako Uehara in December 2017

What can be seen as a cry for help was quickly overshadowed in the tabloids when news broke that Uehara would allegedly be starring in AV films.  A very popular website called “DMM.R18” serves as a database of sorts of AV stars, fans can easily search for stars in alphabetical order. On January 14th an official new entry was added for a new AV star called “Takako Uehara”.

Her birthday, blood-type, hometown, and all the other personal information matched up so tabloids took the story and ran with it. However there was a discrepancy with her height, as the listing was off by a couple CM.

As news started to spread more DMM.R18 confirmed that the listing was actually false. Other celebrities who have fallen victim to a ficticous DMM.R18 listing include Maki Horikita and Tomomi Kahara.

Uehara is in a relationship with a theater director, the two currently live together.

(via livedoor & Psycherosu via Tips)