TAKAHIRO from EXILE and Tomomi Itano deny relationship and marriage rumors

On the 18th, LDH‘s (EXILE‘s agency) official website denied the reports of TAKAHIRO (31) getting married.

Three years ago, tabloids have been reporting that TAKAHIRO was in a relationship with former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano (23). Since the beginning of 2015, the tabloids have now been reporting about the two getting married soon.

The following comment is from LDH’s official website:

“There have been reports about TAKAHIRO’s relationship and marriage [with Itano]. However, this is not true. We would like to apologize to any of the fans we have worried. We hope you continue to support TAKAHIRO from now on.”

On the same day, Itano’s staff also wrote a similar comment on her official blog:

“There have been reports about [Itano’s] relationship and marriage, but none of that is true.”

(via Yahoo! Japan)


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