X Japan’s Toshi opens his own YouTube channel, makes Christmas pancakes

In a surprise move Toshi, lead singer of the band X Japan has unveiled his very own YouTube page.

For his very first video Toshi has decided to teach his viewers how to make elaborate Christmas pancakes, which will be sure to please a crowd during the upcoming busy holiday season.

Not one to do things simple, to prepare the pancakes Toshi is decked out in a spiked leather jacket, with matching leather pants and gloves, along with his signature sunglasses. His secret ingredient for the pancakes is cream from the popular brand Meiji (which may or may not have sponsored the video).

Toshi starts out by pouring the cream into a bowl set on top of ice, and whips it into whipping cream. Suddenly prepared fruit and pancakes appear out of no where, and he assembles his masterpiece.

Check it out below

Toshi is one of the few but prominent Japanese celebrities to create their own YouTube page. Others include former SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and AKB48/IZ*ONE member Sakura Miyawaki who has her own gaming channel.