Hiro Mizushima opens up official Instagram account

After awhile off the grid, Actor Hiro Mizushima (self-described “Person”) has opened up an official Instagram account!

Mizushima retreated from the public eye after his marriage with singer-songwriter Ayaka that was prompted by her Graves’ disease diagnosis. Though Ayaka’s improving condition allowed her to return to music in 2012, he remained low until he began promotions for his 2014 film “Black Butler” of which he played the titular character and served as the co-screenwriter and co-producer.

He has only had the account for a day but has already managed to upload 5 images. So far, his Instagram brand includes a selfie of him confirming the official status of the account and his extremely tiny and adorable dogs Raki and Ao (“They’re twins #dog #twins“). His filter game is lacking a bit, but let’s allow him to get used to the platform and the concept of quality control.

#hiromizushima #official #nicetomeetyou #hello #水嶋ヒロ
Introducing "Raki" 3 years old.#dog
And this is "AO"#dog
They're twins #dog #twins