AKS Launches International 48-Group Web Portal “48Circle”

Talent agency AKS has launched a brand new web portal called “48Circle that will cover the latest news, live reports, interviews of AKB48 Groups around the world in multiple languages.

According to the website, AKB48 and their oversea sister groups JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, Team SH, Team TP, SGO48, CGM48, DEL48, MUB48 will be featured on the site.

The first article available on the website is about the agency’s goal of “Global Expansion” in 2019, and how their international “AKB48 Group Asia Festival” concert series that they began this year is helping reconstruct and integrate the borderless bonds for peace around the world.

The website requires free membership to view all updates via a Circle48 account, AKB48 Group Service account or social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Line or Weibo).