Snow Man’s Hikaru Iwamoto Shows Off His Summer Body on Tarzan Cover

Snow Man‘s leader Hikaru Iwamoto is the cover boy for the 837th issue of the fitness magazine Tarzan, out July 7.

A frequent star of the magazine, this issue sees Hikaru poolside at a Tokyo mansion. His body has become so defined that the staff on set cheered and sighed upon the sight of it. Even the magazine’s writer who has interviewed him many times of the years noticed the change in definition of his back muscles.

In the magazine, Hikaru talked about his new and improved back, the result of a change in his workout, saying that the back should not be neglected.

You too can cheer and sigh over the sight of Hikaru’s body below! While you’re there, also check out the music video for Snow Man’s new B-side, “Feel the light, Lovely”!