SMAP Say Their Final Goodbyes

The nationally and internationally treasured idol group, SMAP have left their final messages on the Official Johnny’s website on January 5th, 2017. These messages were made public, days after their official dissolution on December 31st, 2016. Although it’s unclear what lies ahead for these five people, it goes without saying that the support from fans, will continue far into the future.


Everyone’s support, all of it, has reached us.

Everyone’s feelings, all of them, have been acknowledged.

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you so much.


We’ve been in your care… haven’t we.

This is “Goodbye”, isn’t it….

Until next time! Or so it goes…

– Masahiro Nakai


Because everyone was there for us,

asked for us, waited for us,

I feel as though we’ve made it.

I wish for your continuous support from now into the future.  

– Takuya Kimura


I’m really thankful for all the treasured support towards SMAP. For me,

up until now and from now on, the most important thing has been and will be you.

Many Thanks

– Goro Inagaki


Thank you for all the support.

We’ve been together through the boring times and the fun times.

I wish for your continuous support from now into the future.

– Tsuyoshi Kusanagi


Everyone who’s supported SMAP,


I love you

Thank you

– Shingo Katori


Via Johnny’s Net