SixTONES suit up in new MV for “Strawberry Breakfast”

SixTONES is back with a brand new MV for one of their tracks “Strawberry Breakfast”. The song was originally included on the groups 4th chart topping single “Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida” as a b-side.

The MV for “Strawberry Breakfast” was filmed in just one shot! Dressed in suits, the boys can be seen trying to woo a beautiful actress. Unforutnely, they are all unsuccessful in their attempts but they still have each other. Check out the full MV below:

Meanwhile, fans are currently enjoying the groups newly opened limited edition Twitter account. Opened on May 1st, the account will run for just 1 month finishing on May 31st. The account can be followed at @SixTONES_6anniv