Sexy Zone transfers to new label, plans overseas activities

Big plans for Johnny’s group Sexy Zone, the boys are currently preparing for the release of a brand new single titled “RUN“. The single will be released under a new label established by both Johnny’s and Universal Music. Previously, Sexy Zone released their music through Pony Canon.

“RUN” will serve as the theme song for the upcoming NTV drama series “Miman Keiatsu: Midnight Runner“, which will begin to air in April 2020. Sexy Zone member Kento Nakajima will play the leading role, along with King & Prince member Sho Hirano.

What has fans buzzing about this announcement is that the press release also stated that Sexy Zone will target oversea markets too.

Midnight Runner

It’s currently unknown if Sexy Zone will only target select Asian markets, or areas in other regions. Previously, Sexy Zone member Marius Yo received international attention after appearing in an episode of the Netflix series Fuller House.

Is the world ready for SEXY ZONE?