Sexy Zone show off their “sharp bodyline” in anan

Johnny’s group Sexy Zone are the latest cover boys for anan magazine. The issue will revolve around the “common sense of a diet”, perfect topic for both the new year and decade.

It will focus on effective training methods to help tone your body, along with easy healthy recipes. The always in-shape Sexy Zone members are said to show off their own sharp bodylines and “parts” in the anan photoshoot.

The members are all dressed in soft-colored outfits, mainly gray and beige giving a relaxed feeling. Highlights include members Sato Shori and Marius Yo doing yoga. Fuma Kikuchi and Kento Nakajima will also apparently be scantily clad while posing with oranges and tomatoes.

A special interview promoting Sexy Zone’s upcoming album “POP X STEP!?” will also be highlighted. Check out the cover below:

The issue will go on sale January 29th , 2020.