Sandaime J Soul Brothers, miwa, Hata Motohiro and More Perform on Suiyou Kayousai’s Final Episode

This week’s episode of Suiyou Kayousai is the final one. However, there will be a new music show on Fuji TV starting on Friday, October 16 at 11:30 PM. At the moment, the show doesn’t have a name and there are no details on it, except that it will be hosted by Chisato Moritaka and Watabe Ken, just like Suiyou Kayousai. It was also announced that the duo will be hosting this year’s edition of FNS Kayousai, Fuji TV’s year-end music show. FNS Kayousai is being expanded to 2 night this year, totaling more than 7 hours between the 2 nights.

This week’s guests on Suiyou Kayousai were Kon Yoko, Judy Ongg, Tajima Takao, Masuda Takahisa, Flower, Chiaki, miwa, Hata Motohiro, Moriyama Naotaro, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, and Akikawa Masafumi. This week’s Suiyou Singers were Amour MiCo, Jennii, GILLE, Kawakami Daisuke, MACO, Ms.OOJA, Saho Aono, Ide Ayaka, Eric Fukusaki, Eri Nobuchika, and Yamamoto Takuji.



Million Seller Famous Songs

Kon Yoko x Suiyou Singers – Koi no Kisetsu (from 1968)

Judy Ongg x Suiyou Singers – Miserarete (from 1979)

Tajima Takao x Masuda Takahisa x Flower – Ruby no Yubiwa (from 1981)

Chiaki x Flower – YELLOW YELLOW HAPPY (from 1996)


New Songs

miwa – Yozora. feat. Hazzie→ (from 2015)

Hata Motohiro – Q & A (from 2015)

Moriyama Naotaro x Suiyou Singers – Ikiru (tte Iikiru) (from 2015)


Special Medley

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Unfair World (from 2015) / Summer Madness (from 2015) / R.Y.U.S.E.I. (from 2014)


Million Seller Famous Songs

Akikawa Masafumi x Moriyama Naotaro x Masuda Takahisa x Hata Motohiro x miwa x Suiyou Singers – Sen no Kaze ni Natte (from 2006)