FOLKS to release self-produced Mini-Album in late October

Up and coming techno-rock band FOLKS have announced that they will be releasing a brand new mini-album titled “BLUE & YELLOW” on October 21st of this year.  “BLUE & YELLOW” is currently planned to include five songs and will be the group’s first release of new material since “SNOWTOWN” started stocking store shelves back in February.

Unlike their previous two mini-albums, “BLUE & YELLOW” consists entirely of bedroom-recorded tracks and will be produced by both the band and DJ Sunahara Yoshinori, the same team that worked on the band’s debut EP “Take off”.  Also of note is that every piece of this release, from the cover art to the production of its music videos, was handled only by individuals whom hail from Hokkaido, making this a first for the group.

Of course, with all good news must come some bad, and this is no exception.  Immediately following the announcement of this new release, FOLKS revealed that their bassist Kazumasa Noguchi would be temporarily leaving the band in order to pursue avenues outside of music for a time.  Though it is uncertain how long he will remain on hiatus, Kazumasa has promised to return to the group at some point in the future.

Please read on below for a peek at the cover and track list for “BLUE & YELLOW” and look forward to more information about the mini-album as its release date draws closer.

-’BLUE & YELLOW’ Track List-

  2. Yoru no Sabaku to Tsuki no Hikari
  3. D2R
  4. Rokujou Ginga
  5. Hadashi no Cinderella

(via natalie)