Rilakkuma turns into an “authentic” teddy bear

Popular san-x character Rilakkuma received a “real-life” transformation thanks to a collaboration with the leading brand “Steiff”.  The “Steiff Rilakkuma” was released this week.

Steiff was founded in Germany and is known worldwide for creating the very first teddy bear in the late 1800s, they continue to set the bar in the stuffed animal world with their high regard for quality. Each Steiff Rilakkuma was hand-crafted, the major material used to craft the bears came from the rare angora goat. “Mohair” is produced solely from the angora goat, and it’s known for being extremely lustrous putting it in the same category as other luxurious fibers such as cashmere and silk.

Quantities for this are quite limited, only 1500 were produced. Each Steiff Rilakkuma will be numbered by it’s ear tag. They can be purchased at the official san-x store, Joy Palette, and select retailers under the “LAWSON Loppi” branch. The cost for this luxurious bear will set you back 37,800 yen. Being kawaii ain’t cheap.

Check out the Steiff Rilakkuma in the gallery below.

(via Joshi Plus)