Which Studio Ghibli world do you want to explore?

There are many things to appreciate about films from one of the top animation studios in the world Studio Ghibli. Fans can unanimously agree that one of the most striking qualities of their movies are their gorgeous, hand-painted backgrounds that immerse viewers into an amazingly imaginative fantasy landscapes.

A lot of that can be attributed to Kazuo Oga, who has worked as the background artist and background director of some of the Studio’s most beloved films.

For this ranking through Goo Rankings and DoCoMo, 16,030 people were surveyed over the span of the month and asked “which Ghibli movie they wouldn’t mind getting lost in.” One of those films stole the hearts of many by a landslide!

Ghibli Film Votes
14 The Wind Rises 85
13 Only Yesterday 114
12 From Up on Poppy Hill 126
11 Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea 191
9 Porco Rosso 330
9 Princess Mononoke 330
8 Whisper of the Heart 460
7 The Cat Returns 623
6 The Borrower Arrietty 632
5 Howl’s Moving Castle 798
4 Laputa: Castle in the Sky 1773

Spirited Away

Spirited Away opens with an abandoned theme park from the 90s, but as night breaks, the main character Chihiro finds that she had crossed over to the Spirit Realm which houses Yubaba’s grandiose Japanese-style Bathhouse as well as Zeniba’s quaint Cottage. The Spirit Realm is directly linked to the Human World, but noticebly less polluted in exchange for its lack of technology. It’s not very safe for a Human there though…


Kiki’s Delivery Service

Miyazaki’s trip to Sweden in the 70’s left a strong impression on his work. Kiki’s Delivery Service takes place in an imaginary European country inspired by Napoli, Lisbon, Stockholm, San Francisco and Paris. One side of the city is like the shores of the Mediterranean sea, but the other features architecture found on the coast of the Baltic sea. Set in an alternate universe, having a resident witch in every town is commonplace and it would be normal to go to your local witch for medicine.


My Neighbor Totoro

Set in 1955 Japan, the backgrounds of My Neighbor Totoro depict a dense, spirit-filled fantasy forest revealed to be called the “Tsukamori Forest”. It’s inspired by the Tokorozawa area in the Saitama Prefecture where Miyazaki lives (because “it’s cheap and just outside the Tokyo Metropolitan area”). Comments from the participants talked about enjoying this film every summer and wishing they could be apart of it and sit on Totoro’s tummy.