What are Ayumi Hamasaki’s most popular singles?

In a ranking conducted by popular website goo, fans were asked to choose their favorite singles released by Ayumi Hamasaki. Over a 24 hour period, visitors chose their most loved songs from Ayumi’s extensive catalog of hit singles spanning the singer’s 16 year career. Check out her 30 highest rated singles below the jump.

Single Rating
30 WHATEVER 13.6
29 CAROLS 14.0
28 Endless sorrow 14.5
26 UNITE! 15.4
26 SURREAL 15.4
25 STEP you 16.3
24 fairyland 18.1
23 Moments 19.5
22 Far away 19.9
21 poker face 20.8
20 BLUE BIRD 21.3
19 Fly high 21.7
17 No way to say 23.5
17 For My Dear… 23.5
16 NEVER EVER 24.0
14 HEAVEN 29.0
14 Depend on you 29.0
13 Dearest 30.8
12 A 32.1
10 Trust 35.7
10 YOU 35.7
9 evolution 39.8
8 appears 40.3
6 vogue 43.9
6 LOVE~Destiny~ 43.9
5 TO BE — Rushed out less than a month after her breakthrough single, ‘LOVE~Destiny~’, in an effort to to capitalize on her burgeoning success at the time. However, this single failed to make the same impact of its predecessor. The song proved to stand the test of time and was re-recorded and re-released several times throughout the years. 46.2
4 Boys & Girls  It became clear that Ayu was here to stay when ‘Boys & Girls’ became her first million-seller in 1999. Despite it’s success, it was unable to debut atop the Oricon charts due to Ami Suzuki‘s ‘Be Together‘ blocking it from the #1 spot. 67.9
3 Voyage  Released to coincide with her straight-to-VCD movie ‘Sinking into the Moon‘, ‘Voyage’ is particularly loved by fans and managed to spend an impressive 28-week run on the Oricon charts. 71.5
2 M — Ayu’s first self-composed song (under the pen name CREA) released in December 2000, ‘M’ quickly became a fan-favorite and went on to sell over 1.2 million copies over the following year. 93.2
1 SEASONS — Third in the ‘vogue/Far away/SEASONS’ trilogy, ‘SEASONS’ was an instant classic and remains her second best-selling single to date. Fans cite the song’s heartfelt and resonating lyrics as some of her best. 100