SKE48 Tops Goo’s Most Anticipated Act at Tokyo Idol Festival Ranking

On August 1 – 2, this year’s edition of Tokyo Idol Festival occurred. Tokyo Idol Festival is an event where over 100 idol groups perform for tens of thousands of fans from around the world. It’s the largest event of its kind in the world.

Goo recently released a ranking of acts that readers desired to see the most at Tokyo Idol Festival. SKE topped the ranking, followed by HKT48, and drop. Check out the rest of the top 10 after the jump!

1. SKE48: 175 votes


2. HKT48: 121 votes


3. drop: 118 votes


4. 102 votes


5. PiiiiiiiN: 99 votes


6. Otome Shinto: 67 votes


7. 9nine: 52 votes


8. Tokyo Performance Doll: 49 votes


9. Yumemiru Adolescence: 47 votes


10. Fudanjuku: 45 votes