Oricon’s Male Celebrity I Want As A Lover 2018

Happy Valentines Day, Arama!

What kind of man Japanese women would like to give their chocolates to? For the occasion, ORICON STYLE released results for one of their most popular yearly polls, “Which male celebrity do you wish to be your lover?”. Arashi’s Aiba Masaki reigns at the top for the 3rd year in a row.

Find out the overall results and top 5 for the different age groups below.

Yearly Ranking
2017 Aiba Masaki
2016 Aiba Masaki
2015 Fukuyama Masaharu
2014 Sakurai Sho
2013 Sakurai Sho

[Survey Overview]
Survey time: January 29 to February 4, 2018
Surveyed: A total of 500 people (company questionnaire panel [Oricon monitor research] ages 10’s to 50’s woman)
The study area: Nationwide
Survey Method: Internet

Oricon’s Male Celebrity I Want As A Lover 2018

  1. Aiba Masaki
  2. Matsumoto Jun
  3. Sakurai Sho
  4. Takahashi Issei
  5. Ninomiya Kazunari
  6. Matsuzaka Tori
  7. Ohno Satoshi
  8. Yamashita Tomohisa
  9. Takeuchi Ryoma
  10. Hoshino Gen

Top 5 age category


  1. Aiba Masaki
  2. Sakurai Sho
  3. Yamazaki Kento
  4. Ohno Satoshi
  5. Ninomiya Kazunari


  1. Matsumoto Jun
  2. Aiba Masaki
  3. Kamenashi Kazuya
  4. Ninomiya Kazunari
  5. Takeuchi Ryoma


  1. Takahashi Issei
  2. Aiba Masaki
  3. Yamashita Tomohisa
  4. Matsuzaka Tori
  5. Matsumoto Jun


  1. Ohno Satoshi
  2. Aiba Masaki
  3. Katori Shingo
  4. Matsuzaka Tori
  5. Domoto Tsuyoshi


  1. Yamashita Tomohisa
  2. Matsumoto Jun
  3. Ninomiya Kazunari
  4. Hoshino Gen
  5. Takahashi Issei