Blonde Celebrity Ranking

Many people in Japan dye their hair dark brown, but to go blonde is a bold statement. It has a variety of connotations, from glamorous and sophisticated to being a no-good trouble maker.

Japan has a very broad definition for blonde hair. Since it’s such a long and damaging process, many stop stripping their hair color to what we’d consider a medium ash brown or a bronze orange.

This goo ranking compiles a list of the most impressive blondes collected by a Research Plus questionnaire over a 4 day period.

Celebrity Rating
15 Maki Goto 1.6%
14 Mogami Moga ( 2.4%
13 Ayumi Hamasaki (chanteuse) 2.6%
11 Mikio Date (Owarai duo SandwichMan) 3.6%
11 Takeshi Tsuruno 3.6%
9 Dave Spector 4.4%
9 Koasa Shunpuutei 4.4%
8 Udo Suzuki (Owarai duo Kyaeen) 4.8%
7 Ami (E-girls) 6.6%
6 Ryo Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go) 8.0%
5 George Tokoro 8.8%
4 Keisuke Hondo (A.C. Milan midfielder) 15.4%
3 Miwa Akihiro (Diva)
Miwa Akahiro is a legendary drag queen who often dyes his shoulder-length hair bright yellow, reminiscent of a highlighter. He has voiced many iconic characters such as the Great Wolf God in Princess Mononoke, The Witch of the Waste in Howl’s Moving Castle, and literally God in Pokemon’s 12th movie.
2 Rola
This list wouldn’t be complete without this quintessential ditzy talent. She is known for maintaining a shade of Blonde that perfectly complements her skintone. Hopefully she just doesn’t try the chunky highlight look again.
1 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Kyary can be seen with a variety of hairstyles and colors, from natural to unnatural to foam to construction paper, but she is definitely most striking when she sports a blonde hairdo.