RADWIMPS members feel betrayed over Akira Kuwahara’s cheating scandal

Fallout continues for RADWIPS support vocalist and guitar player Akira Kuwahara over his cheating scandal that was uncovered this month. After the story was spread by the notorious tabloid Bunshun, RADWIPS quickly confirmed that the rumour was in-fact true when the bands official website released a statement stating that Akira’s entertainment activities has been suspended and that he was cheating on his wife.

The band as a whole asked their fans who forgiveness, apologizing for the commotion that this scandal caused. The two other members of RADWIMPS, Yojiro Noda and Yusuke Takeda released their own statement on the matter.

The two of them confirmed that they would still continue activities under RADWIMPS while Akira was suspended, furthermore they felt very betrayed at this news since Akira had told his wife he would stop seeing the woman he was cheating with. The band as a whole had conversations with Akira in-regards to if an affair was still happening, but Akira assured them that there was no infidelity going on.

After the news came out Akira repeatedly apologized and was reduced to tears while doing so, but it just made them feel awkward due to Akira deceiving them for so long. Yojiro and Yusuke said that instead of apologizing he should vow to not make the life of his wife and child miserable.

The band stated that currently it likely wouldn’t be possible for them to play again with Akira right now, but later on they will have conversations with staff/family and see how the situation changes from then. They closed by saying that Akira’s wife and child still suffered the most, and the two of them will still be apart of the “family” for the rest of their lives no matter what happens.

Akira met his wife over 10 years ago, and the two welcomed their first child in May 2019. In February 2020 Akira met a former model in her 20s at a drinking party. He continues to be a big target in the media, on the popular Fuji TV television show “High Noon Viking!” announcer Maasa Takahashi called him dumb, one of the many to criticize him when the topic came up.

RADWIMPS is currently scheduled to release a brand new studio album on November 23rd.