Predia to release their 7th single in October

Predia, a 10-member idol group donning a sexy adult image, will release their seventh major single in October. Titled ‘Ms Frontier’, the single will come out in three different editions. A total of three different songs is spread across the editions: Type A includes all the songs and the music video for the title song, whereas Type B and Type C come with two songs and no extras.

The idol group was formed in 2010 as a sister group to PASSPO. In addition to their six major singles, Predia has released five indie singles, two albums and a best-of compilation to date.

Currently the girls are in the middle of their seventh anniversary tour. The final concert will be held at Nippon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo on November 23rd.

Type A

2.Close to you
3.Shade of you
4.Ms.Frontier (instrumental)
5.Close to you (instrumental)
6.Shade of you (instrumental)

Bonus DVD:
Ms.Frontier Music Video

Type B

2.Close to you
3.Ms.Frontier (instrumental)
4.Close to you (instrumental)

Type C

2.Shade of you
3.Ms.Frontier (instrumental)
4.Shade of you (instrumental)