Perfume Challenges Fans to Make a Music Video for “Challenger”

On September 18, Perfume will release their 15th anniversary best album, “Perfume The Best ‘P Cubed’.” One of the new songs on the album is titled “Challenger.” A few minutes ago, Perfume released a video on their YouTube channel. In the clip, Perfume announced a contest they’re starting. The group has tasked their fans with coming up with the video concept for the “Challenger” music video! More information on the “Challenger” contest can be found here.

Perfume is doing something else September 18 as well: they’re releasing their full discography to streaming services in Japan. While Perfume has had their songs available for streaming internationally, this was not the case domestically.

Ahead of the release of “Perfume The Best ‘P Cubed'”, Perfume has also released a series of teasers and commercials for the album. Check them out below, along with the “Challenger” contest video!

“Challenger” contest

Teasers and CMs