Yumi Matsutoya merges past and present in her Music Video for “Shinkai no Machi”

Today well-known singer/songwriter Yumi Matsutoya published the music video for her latest track “Shinkai no Machi” to her YouTube channel. “Shinkai no Machi” is currently being used as the ending theme song for TV Tokyo’s late night news program “World Business Satellite”.

The PV is a stylish affair which fuses animation and technological imagery with an atmosphere straight out of the 1980s. Self-described as “Neo City Pop”, the song is the first sign of Matsutoya’s upcoming 39th studio album, which will attempt to mesh 70s and 80s fusion and AOR with more modern influences – among them current acts like Suchmos and Sakanaction.

You’ll find the enthralling music video for “Shinkai no Machi” below.

(via universal-music.co.jp)