Perfume and KAT-TUN Appear on Western Music Media Lists

The American site Buzzfeed and the American music magazine Rolling Stone both recently released lists that featured Japanese acts. Buzzfeed released a list titled “34 Non-American Musicians You Need To Add To Your Playlist”, while Rolling Stone’s was titled “50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time.”

Of Perfume, Buzzfeed noted the group’s mixture of house music and bubblegum pop. They also made note of Perfume’s intensity.

Rolling Stone named KAT-TUN’s “Real Face” as the 44th best boyband song of all time. Rolling Stone noted the mixture of sounds on “Real Face”, pointing out its melding of dance music and heavy metal. They also talked about the song’s success, which led to KAT-TUN’s continual success, even after the departure of Jin Akanishi and┬áKoki Tanaka.